Copyright Free Books 

This is a list of copyright free books and documents written/edited by us. Items are available for download as a whole or in separate chapters/parts, depending on their size. Part of this material contributes to IDEAS book and chapter series.

Giovanni Dosi. Report IRI. PDF file.

Marco Fioretti. Open Data: Emerging trends, issues and best practices. Report, finished in June 2011, as part of DIME Work Package 6.8. PDF file.

C. MacLeod, A. Nuvolari. Patents and Industrialisation An Historical Overview of the British Case, 1624-1907. A Report to the Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy (SABIP) published by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), UK in 2010.

Marco Fioretti. Open Data Open Society. Report, finished in October 2010, as part of DIME Work Package 6.8. PDF file.

G. Dosi, K. Pavitt, L. Soete. The Economics of Technical Change and International Trade . New York University Press. Washington Square, New York. (1990). PDF file.

Technical Change and Economic Theory. Edited by G. Dosi, C. Freeman, R. Nelson, G. Silverberg, L. Soete. Pinter Publisher, London and New York. (1988)

  • Contents
  • Part I - Introduction
    • 1. Introduction, - C. Freeman
  • Part II - Evolution, technology, and institutions: a wider framework for economic analysis
    • Preface - C. Freeman
    • 2. Coordination and transformation: an overview of structures, behaviours and change in evolutionary environments - G. Dosi and L. Orsenigo
    • 3. Structural crises of adjustment: business cycles and investment behaviour - C. Freeman and C. Perez
    • 4. Technical change and the theory of regulation - R. Boyer
    • 5. Evolution, innovation and economics - P.M. Allen
  • Part III - How well does established theory work
    • Preface - G. Dosi
    • 6. Coordination and order in economic change and the interpretative power of economic theory - F. Coricelli and G. Dosi
    • 7. Imperfect decisions and routinized production: implications for evolutionary modelling and inertial technical change - R. Heiner
    • 8. On the dynamics of aggregate macroequations: from simple microbehaviour to complex macrorelationships - M. Lippi
    • 9. Evolutionary theories in economic thought - N. Clark and C. Juma
  • Part IV - Innovation and the evolution of firms
    • Preface - R. Nelson
    • 10. The nature of innovative process - G. Dosi
    • 11. Towards the economics of information-intensive production systems: the case of advanced materials - M. Willingner and E. Zuscovitch
    • 12. Technological change and the nature of the firm - D. Teece
    • 13. The R and D function: corporate strategy and structure - N. Kay
    • 14. Technological opportunities and industrial organization - R. Coombs
  • Part V - National Systems of innovation
    • Preface - R. Nelson
    • 15. Institutions supporting technical change in the United States - R. Nelson
    • 16. Japan: a new national system of innovations? - C. Freeman
    • 17. Innovation as an interactive process: from user-producer interaction to the national system of innovation - B.A. Lundvall
    • 18. Can the innovation system capitalism be outperformed? - P. Pelikan
  • Part VI - International diffusion of technology and international trade competition
    • Preface - L. Soete
    • 19. Technical change and international trade - G. Dosi and L. Soete
    • 20. Why growth rates differ - J. Fagerberg
    • 21. Catching up in technology: entry barriers and windows of opportunity - C. Perez and L. Soete
    • 22. Industrial structure, technical change and microeconomic behaviour in LDCs - K. Unger
    • 23. Multinational enterprises and the international diffusion of technology - F. Chesnais
  • Part VII - Formal Models
    • Preface - G. Silverberg
    • 24. Modelling economic dynamics and technical change: mathematical approaches to self-organisation and evolution - G. Silverberg
    • 25. The diffusion of innovations: an interpretative survey - J. Metcalfe
    • 26. Competing technologies: an overview - W.B. Arthur
    • 27. Formalizing growth regimes - R. Boyer
  • Part VIII - Conclusions
    • 28. Policy Conclusions - R. Nelson and L. Soete
    • Index

C.Freeman, J.Clark, L. Soete Unemployment and Technical Innovation Pinter Publishers, London. (1982)

L.Soete, G.Dosi Technology and Employment in the Electronics Industry Pinter Publishers, London. (1983)

G.Dosi. Technology and conditions of macroeconomic development : some notes on adjustment mechanisms and discontinuities in the transformation of capitalist economies. in "Design, Innovation and Long Cycles in Economic Development", C. Freeman (ed.), Department of Design Research, Royal College of Art, London. (1984)

G.Dosi. Technical Change and Industrial Transformation: The Theory and an Application to the Semiconductor Industry. MACMILLAN, London. (1984)

G. Dosi. Technical Change and Survival: Europe's semiconductor industry. Sussex European Paper No. 9, University of Sussex. (1981)

Sidney G. Winter. Economic "Natural Selection" and the Theory of the Firm. Yale Economic Essays, Vol. 4, N. 1 (Spring, 1964)