Final Report prepared by Giovanni Dosi, Benjamin Coriat and Keith Pavitt with the help of all the Dynacom Researchers.  download pdf

Dynacom Series
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D01 Piscitello L.
Largest firms' patterns of technological and business diversification. A comparison between European, US and Japanese firms
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D02 Warglien M.
The evolution of competences in a population of projects: a case study
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D03 Cantwell J. and L. Piscitello
Corporate Diversification, Internationalisation and location of Technological Activities by MNCs: Differences between EU and non-EU Firms in the European Regions
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D04 Coriat B.
Organisational innovation in European firms: A critical overview of the survey evidence
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D05 Marengo L., G. Dosi, P. Legrenzi, C. Pasquali
The structure of problem-solving knowledge and the structure of organisations
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D06 Dosi G. and L. Marengo
On the tangled discourse between transaction costs economics and competence-based views of the firm: Some comments
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D07 Patel P.
Measurement and Analysis of Technological Competencies of Large Firms
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D08 Breschi S. and F. Malerba
Diversification and Specialisation in Innovative Activities: An Analysis of Patenting Activity of Electronic Firms
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D09 Lorenz E. and N. Lazaric
The Transfer of Competences to European-Based Japanese Affiliates
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D10 Weinstein O. and N. Azoulay
Firms' capabilities and organizational learning. A critical survey of some literature.
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D11 Giarratana M. and S. Torrisi
Competence accumulation and collaborative ventures: evidence from the largest European electronics firms and implications for the EU technological policies
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D12 Garcia C.E.
Management Innovation and the Role of Management Consulting Firms
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D13 Cantwell J. and L. Piscitello
Accumulating technological competence - its changing impact on corporate diversification and internationalisation
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D14 Castellani D. and A. Zanfei
Multinational experience, absorptive capacity and knowledge exploitation. A comparative analysis of the electronics and chemical industries
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D15 Orsenigo L., F. Pammolli and M. Riccaboni
Competencies, Technological Change and Network Dynamics. The case of the bio-pharmaceutical industry
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D16 Balconi M.
Codification of technological knowledge, firm boundaries, and "cognitive" barriers to entry
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D17 Cefis E.
Persistence in Profitability and in Innovative Activities
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D18 Bezza B.
A critical review of the major analytical perspectives on competencies, organisational learning and innovation, and the relationship between technological and organisational change.
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D19 Lhuillery S.
The organizational practices of innovation and the performances of firms : an empirical investigation
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D20 Marsili O.
Techological Regimes: Theory and Evidence
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D21 Grandstrand O.
Corporate Innovation Systems. A Comparative Study of Multi-Technology Corporations in Japan, Sweden and the USA.
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D22 Cantwell J and E. Kosmopoulou
What determines the internationalisation of corporate technology?
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D23 Gambardella A. and S. Torrisi
The Economic Value of Knowledge and Inter-firm Technological Linkages: An Investigation of Science-Based Firms
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D24 Dosi G., M. Hobday and L. Marengo
Problem-Solving Behaviours, Organisational Forms and the Complexity of Tasks
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D25 Coriat B.
Compétences, Structures de Gouvernance et Rente Relationnelle. Le cas de la Conception des Grands Projets Complexes
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D26 Coriat B.
The state of organisational reform in the European Firms. Evidence from a comparative overview of ten EU countries.
D27 Lorenz E.
Organisational Routines In the Light of 'Old' Evolutionary Economics: Bringing Politics Back into the Study of Organisational Learning
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