EMAEE 2011: 7th European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics

"Evolutionary Perspectives on Technical Change and Industrial Dynamics"

February 14-16, 2011
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa

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The conference is organized by the Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM) Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa and sponsored by DIME - Dynamics of Markets and Institutions in Europe (Network of Excellence, European Union - 6th Framework Program) and the International Schumpeter Society.


EMAEE (European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics) is an international conference paying special attention to the contributions of junior researchers (PhD students and post-docs). EMAEE provides to junior scholars the opportunity to discuss the latest insights and methods in the field of applied evolutionary economics with leading international scholars. Evolutionary economics is a leading paradigm for research into innovation, organizations, and industrial dynamics. Beyond these fields, evolutionary economics provides a general approach to the study of emergent novelty and endogenous change in economic dynamics. EMAEE 2011 is organized by the Laboratory of Economics and Management of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. The theme of EMAEE 2011 is "Evolutionary perspectives on technical change and industrial dynamics". Submissions are encouraged from the full range of applications of evolutionary perspectives in economics from both junior and senior scholars. In this edition parallel sessions will be focused on (but not limited to) the following themes:
  • Agent based models of economic systems
  • Cognition, economic behaviour, selection and innovation
  • Economic growth, development and technical change
  • Networks and interactions in economic systems
  • Experimental approaches to economic behaviour and innovation
  • Empirical analyses of firm dynamics and growth
  • Incentives and organizational set-ups for knowledge production
  • History of economic and technological change
  • Measurement of innvoation and technological change
  • Sources and economic effects of innovation and technological change

Key-note speakers

The invited key-note speakers of EMAEE 2011 are
  • Jim Bessen (Boston University)
  • Koen Frenken (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Mario Maggioni (Catholic University, Milan)
  • Valentina Meliciani (Teramo University)
  • Luigi Orsenigo (Kites, Bocconi University)
  • Jerry Silverberg (UNU-Merit)
Special plenary session for commemorating Chris Freeman (1921-2010)

A plenary session will be fully devoted to an appraisal of the contribution of Chris Freeman to evolutionary economics and innovation studies. The participants to this round table will be Giovanni Dosi (LEM, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies), Marco Vivarelli (Catholic University of Piacenza), Luigi Orsenigo (KITES, Bocconi University), Luc Soete (UNU- Merit), and Francisco Louca (ISEG, Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa).

ISS prize

The International Schumpeter Society offers a prize of 1,000 euro for the best paper presented at the conference by a junior researcher (PhD student or researcher with a PhD obtained after 1/1/2009). Papers eligible for the prize may be co-authored by a senior researcher, but they must be presented at the conference by one of the junior co-author(s). Furthermore, only the junior researcher(s) will be considered as the prize recipient(s). Those wishing to apply for the competition must indicate this both in their submission mail and on the final paper.

The 2011 ISS prize for the best paper presented by a junior researcher has been awarded to Pernille Gjerløv-Juel (Aalborg university) for her paper "The effect of executive migration and spin-off on incumbent firms".

Call for papers

Interested scholars who would like to present their research to EMAEE 2011 must send an extended abstract of no more than 1, 000 words to emaee2011@sssup.it no later than November 22. Notification of acceptance will be communicated before January, 1, 2011. The deadline for the submission of full papers is January 31, 2011.


Conference venue: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Piazza Martiri della Liberta' 33, Pisa. For a map click here
Accommodation: see this Hotel list, all located at walking distance from the conference venue.
Registration: no registration fee is required. The conference will be open also to a limited number of participants not presenting a paper. Please write to laura.ferrari@sssup.it to confirm participation.
Meals: buffet lunches during the conference days will be provided by the organizers. A social dinner for all participants will be organized on Tuesday, February 15.

Organizing Committee

EMAEE 2011 is organized by:
  • Giulio Bottazzi (LEM, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • Giovanni Dosi (LEM, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • Giorgio Fagiolo (LEM, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • Luigi Marengo (LEM, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • Alessandro Nuvolari (LEM, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)


  • DIME - Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe
  • ISS - International Schumpeter Society

Previous editions

EMAEE takes place every two years. Previous locations and organizers were:
  • EMAEE 1999 in Grenoble (France) organized by Paolo Saviotti and Koen Frenken
  • EMAEE 2001 in Vienna (Austria) organized by Werner Holzl
  • EMAEE 2003 in Augsburg (Germany) organized by Andreas Pyka
  • EMAEE 2005 in Utrecht (the Netherlands) organized by Koen Frenken
  • EMAEE 2007 in Manchester (United Kingdom) organized by Paul Windrum
  • EMAEE 2009 in Jena (Germany) organized by Guido Buenstorf


For further information please contact Laura Ferrari (laura.ferrari@sssup.it)