2023/45 LEM Working Paper Series

A unified repository for pre-processed climate data weighted by gridded economic activity

Marco Gortan, Lorenzo Testa, Giorgio Fagiolo and Francesco Lamperti
climate and weather data; spatial weighting; impact assessment; climate econometrics

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Although high-resolution gridded climate variables are provided by multiple sources, the need for country and region-specific climate data weighted by indicators of economic activity is becoming increasingly common in environmental and economic research. We process available information from different climate data sources to provide spatially aggregated data with global coverage for both countries (GADM0 resolution) and regions (GADM1 resolution) and for a variety of climate indicators (average precipitations, average temperatures, average SPEI). We weigh gridded climate data by population density or by night light intensity – both proxies of economic activity – before aggregation. Climate variables are measured daily, monthly, and annually, covering (depending on the data source) a time window from 1900 (at the earliest) to 2023. We pipeline all the preprocessing procedures in a unified framework, which we share in the open-access Weighted Climate Data Repository web app. Finally, we validate our data through a systematic comparison with those employed in leading climate impact studies.
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