2017/02 LEM Working Paper Series

Bank-sovereign ties against interbank market integration: the case of the Italian segment

Susanna Saroyan and Lilit Popoyan
Money market fragmentation; sovereign risk; sovereign{bank spillover, contagion, bank regulation

  JEL Classifications
E42; E58; G21; G28

This paper investigates interbank market fragmentation that results from the bank-sovereign risk nexus. We focus on the Italian market fragmentation during the post-Lehman and sovereign debt crisis era. By using Italian bank and GIPSI country CDS spread changes, we suggest a new measure of sovereign/bank spillovers, based on partial correlations. Then, we examine the relationship between the sovereign-to-banks contagion risk variable and market fragmentation in rate on the e-MID interbank market data. We nd that the bank{sovereign nexus is a signicant source of fragmentation during the most acute phase of the sovereign debt crisis. Our ndings suggest that even if the home country/bank ties impact interbank market integration seriously, the risk from other distressed countries is not negligible.
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