2002/04 LEM Working Paper Series

Technological Diversification and Strategic Alliances.
P. Giuri, J. Hagedoorn and M. Mariani
This paper examines empirically the relationship between the internal technological profile and thediversification through strategic alliances of the largest 219 industrial firms world-wide. It explores threerelated issues. First, the paper shows that firmsí internal technological diversification is more pronouncedthan external technological diversification. Second, it confirms the idea that technological diversification ismore pronounced than product and market diversification. Finally, by means of multiple correlation analysis,this work studies the relationship between firmsí economic performance, internal technologicaldiversification and diversification through strategic alliances. The empirical investigation combines firm leveldata on US patents, strategic technological alliances, production and marketing alliances, and firmsí economicperformances.

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